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Issue 6


[a study for UnReading]
Lynn Book 2014

This study is toward the development of Volume 2 in a video suite entitled UnReading for Future Bodies

Volume 1 is published as “Escapes”, in the online journal Anglistica, University of Naples, 2014.
It can also be viewed on vimeo as a kind of hypertext. 
Volume 3, “Fragmenta”, will appear in 2014, following “Derangements”.

The UnReading for Future Bodies project takes up reading, reception
and knowledge-making as performative acts so as to address and
rework relations between bodies, book objects, print and digital media.

These works aim to present new ways of approaching the construction
of meaning in a highly mediated cultural regime, magnified by a
super-saturated technological one. 

Concept, Photos*, Video, Text*, Voice
Lynn Book

Lynn Book with Bibi Coyne 

Project Editor
Bibi Coyne 

Sound Design
Lynn Book

Trio Beeper with Lynn Book
Live for Radio Telos, Budapest, 2013

 Additional Music and Sound
Lynn Book with Grant Livesay

Special thanks to Jan Sutcliffe, editor of Volume 2, Derangements

*Photos: microbiota photos, internet commons

*Text: (Who is) questions, Donna Haraway, “A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology,
and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century”

 Lynn Book